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Embrace all that you are, in service to the world and to your highest and most incredible life -- the journey waits for no one, it begins now!

This is a challenge from the internationally celebrated Avalaura, the Spiritual Sage. As an intuitive consultant and life coach, Avalaura passionately dedicates her life to assisting mission-driven leaders and individuals live their best lives and achieve their BIG dreams. If now is the time for you to live a freedom-focused life, detox yourself of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and create an unrecognizable reality — then Avalaura is the guide you’ve been waiting for.Avalaura says, "I work with people who feel called to do big, great and meaningful work in the world and for whatever reason, they're either not doing it or worse, they're doing it unfulfilled."

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“I was blessed to have the honor to do Reiki Training 1 and 2 with Avalaura in 2013. Queen Avalaura is a phenomenal instructor, her training was very informative. I learned about Reiki, the history, the benefits & the importance of this form of healing. Avalaura's Healing Center is very warm, welcoming, peaceful and the perfect place to learn Reiki. Since the training I have had some amazing experiences for myself and others I've given Reiki to.

Aza Ife

“Avalaura is a wonderful counselor, mentor and teacher! If you are looking for a higher truth and seeking healing, I would highly suggest studying and learning from Avalaura. Her Reiki training has helped me tremendously on my path and in my work. Avalaura is a spirit being with the gift of healing. Her training with many healing modalities will bring life, health and positive energy back into the Soul of any student or client!” -Tauris O. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tauris O.

"I knew Avalaura before she knew me. I'm pleased to say I stalked Avalaura for about five years until I finally made time to be a part of her many classes. My only regret is that I didn't begin my journey sooner! Avalaura was the catalyst to my spiritual journey. I’m very proud to be one of her first Reiki Master students. I don’t know if I’ve thanked Avalaura enough for her insight and assistance. Avalaura’s Healing Center has a myriad of workshops, services and retreats to suit all.

W. Guine

“I am a firm believer that Reiki is more than a healing modality for chakra balancing and aligning your energy, it’s an all-around healing treatment that has transformed my life! I came to Avalaura's Healing Center searching for relaxation in the midst of my life's chaos. I was taking summer school classes, dealing with family and financial issues, stressing out at work, and felt overall disconnected from the divine source. Avalaura's Reiki treatments and teachings opened me

D. Hudson

I attended Avalaura's Reiki 1 and 2 trainings. Sessions were small and personalized. I enjoyed the mixture of lecture and interactive hands on approaches to learning. I learned so much and would highly recommend Avalaura to anyone interested in learning about Reiki. I had the best experience; she’s the best teacher ever! -F.N. Upper Marlboro MD


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