"You told me I was in for a wild ride and WOW, you were so right! I don't know how you did what you did and really I don't care. The result was more than I could have asked for!! Because of you my life is back on track, better than ever. I met my soul mate and now have my first child on the way. I am in awe of this experience and I know it never could have happened without you. Thank you so so much!" -Maria W.

Marabout Spiritual Healing

Marabout -- a highly guarded spiritual practice and sacred healing art, is an extremely rare experience for anyone living in the U.S. Avalaura, one of its few practitioners on these shores, makes this West African tradition available to those in need of deep and transformative change.

Working directly with the highest spiritual beings on your behalf, Avalaura guides you to the permanent results of renewal your heart's been searching for.

Through spirit, Avalaura is able to assist you in:
  • Eliminate disease (including those considered to be incurable by Western Medicine)
  • Eliminate drug addictions
  • Solve legal problems including court cases, reducing or eliminating prison sentences
  • Remove spiritual entities, demonic forces and black magic spells from one's home or person
  • Help individuals attract and maintain healthy relationships with their soul mates
  • Help individuals attract wealth and abundance
  • Help individuals access and use spiritual gifts and abilities to improve your life and others and much more!

There is no limit to what can be done through spiritual healing!

The first step in spiritual healing requires a reading to access the information necessary to begin the healing process. After the reading, a specific course of action will be designed to meet your individual needs. Once you agree to the plan, the spiritual work begins.

The initial cost of $397 consists of an initial consultation, a spiritual reading and a follow-up session to discuss the information gathered and proposed course of action. Consultations and follow-up sessions can be done in person, online or phone.

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