"Reiki with Avalaura is like being wrapped in a cocoon of warm sunshine! She has an amazing gift to nurture you exactly where you need it. Thank you Avalaura for being the highlight of my day. I always look forward to our sessions!" -Robyn

Balance of body, mind, and spirit in an uncertain, sometimes chaotic and demanding world -- is crucial

It was a warm rainy Thursday afternoon in September. I was performing Reiki for a client who was experiencing extensive stress, overwhelm, anxiety, feeling frazzled and split into a million pieces as she described. She wanted to try Reiki because she felt off balance and unable to stay focused. She was struggling with juggling her two children, husband, career, budding business and trying to find herself and not get lost in her family. Her life felt all over the place and she admitted she sucked at practicing self-care. She heard about Reiki from a friend and was excited to try it for the first time.

I explained to her how a Reiki session works and how you lay on the massage table fully clothed. Because it's not about removing your clothing, it's about removing the negative trapped energy, emotions and limiting beliefs, surrendering into the experience and the bliss of wholeness that occurs afterward. Reiki can be described as a spiritual massage because, during a session, I am massaging your energy, not your body. I told her that every experience is different and to be open to her experience and anything she might feel such as a meditative state, heat, coolness, heavy emotions being released, immense joy, deep breaths, laughter, lightness, and calm. Truth is I never know what to expect during a session. But I love Reiki virgins because I know Reiki is a life-changing experience. And this session exceeded even my expectations.

During the session, my hands were being guided the entire time. They knew exactly where to go, what to do and how long to do it. We both completely surrendered into an amazing healing experience. The energy was light, peaceful and so calm and relaxing. I felt like the conductor of a symphony orchestra as we worked in harmony together. It was so powerful, words can't fully describe what happened. I was just humbled and in awe of the moment we shared and the smile crossing her face as I ended the session! This is one of the many reasons I love Reiki.

There are several options to choose from. Select the package that works best for you here!

I'm Avalaura and I invite you to have your own energy-shifting session of "cocooning" with me and the ancient tool called Reiki (pronounced ray-key). Perhaps you've heard the name brought up in new-age circles, holistic wellness websites or have casually read or gotten a testimonial or two from others who've explored its benefits.

Did you ever wonder if the energy shift and balancing flow from a Reiki treatment could help you too? Well, Reiki provides soothing healing on the four levels of your day to day experience. This includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of your being.

If, like most of us, you operate under a heavily weighed down schedule these days, you will feel the the results of reiki in a number of ways.

10 Reasons Why People Use Reiki

Let's see if the following sounds familiar...

  1. Release physical pain
  2. Relaxation and stress relief
  3. Remove energy blockages
  4. Comfort from a chronic or incurable disease
  5. Facilitate spiritual, mental and emotional growth
  6. Sense of joy and peace of mind
  7. Improve sleep
  8. Increase physical energy
  9. Release uncomfortable emotions
  10. Maintain overall health and wellbeing
Ease and energize the body

Different parts of your body might be subject to random pain and discomfort. You might already deal with chronic pain flare ups, or suffer from internal inflammation.

A non-invasive, hands-on Reiki session can gently reduce the piercing sting of your pains, allowing a sense of physical well-being to arise in you.

In a land of confusion

It's easy to forget how taxed the mind can be with all the responsibilities we load it down with.The head can respond with throbbing or splitting migraine pain. Sometimes an excess of thoughts can leave you feeling anxious or in a fog.

Can you guess how Reiki helps your mental state? First, the movement of energy brings clarity and makes focusing a breeze. Second, its balancing of energy also relaxes tension from over-stimulation (like excessive thinking).

One small step from heart to spirit

In an uncertain world the emotional demand made on you by others is tremendous. Called to act in varying roles in our social lives, our hearts can break many times throughout the day, and we might not even notice.

For example, what happens at work when your share of tasks is tripled without consideration or support? Body feels exhausted, mind spins into overdrive, and your heart…? It might feel a sense of abandonment. Of feeling neither seen nor heard.

What of spirit?

Maybe that soft twinge of "life doesn't have to be this way" arises, or a deep feeling of nostalgia or for coming home appears, or even a sudden need to hear the voice of someone who always makes you feel like you're walking on sunshine...

Again -- Reiki to your energetic rescue!

Grounding. Support. Protection. Isn't that what you feel is missing as you face the in-flux of ups and downs, the uncertainty and demands of your day to day?

For an experience of ultimate support, -- explore a soothing session of Reiki today with Avalaura.

Choose the option of one individual 60 minute session for $150.

Or the recommended option of 4 60 minute sessions for the ultimate rejuvenation rebalance at a discounted rate of $500 ($600 Value)

60 Minute Session
4 60 Minute Session



During your Reiki session, you will lie down on a massage table, fully clothed. While you listen to relaxing music, the Reiki practitioner will place her hands gently on your body in, non-intrusive positions. The practitioner channels the Universal Life Energy through her hands into your body and energy field. The

energy is guided to where she feels it needs to go or wherever you are feeling pain or discomfort. Individuals usually feel relaxed after a session and the balancing energies may continue to work after the session is completed.

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected areas of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. Reiki raises the vibratory level of the energy field in the physical body where any negative energy is attached. The negative energy is dissolved and the energy pathways are healed, allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

During a distance session, the Reiki practitioner directs the energy to you from a distance by using a proxy. Usually, people can feel the energy when they are receiving distance Reiki. Distance sessions are excellent for individuals who want to receive Reiki, but are out of the area or do not have the time to come into the office. However, it is best to be relaxed during a session. To arrange for a distance session, simply contact us via phone or email to make an appointment.

No. Reiki is not massage. Reiki is a gentle and safe laying-on of hands technique whereas massage involves the manipulation of body tissues. The Reiki practitioner does not have to physical touch your body for it to work.

No, however the practitioner may suggest a certain number of sessions, based on your individual’s needs. I usually recommend at least 4 sessions once a week initially and then we design a treatment plan best for you

Absolutely not. Because Reiki is Universal Life Energy, it may be used on animals and plants as well.

Yes you can learn Reiki from a Reiki Master/Teacher. You can learn self reiki and learn how to perform reiki for friends, family and even professionally. Learn how you can learn Reiki from Avalaura here.

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