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You are stronger than you know. You may not believe that, because to you, each day feels like one long, difficult, frightening journey. You know there must be a way out; there must be a way to live a peaceful, purposeful life, looking forward to tomorrow instead of dreading it. But you have to get up and go to work tomorrow. You have to take care of your family. You don’t have time or money for a six-week seminar or a retreat at an exclusive wellness center. You need help now!


That help is here…..


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It’s called Power: Escaping the Fear from Within. It’s not some 300-page book with a workbook and a journal you have to buy separately and keep every day. It’s a simple, easy to read and understand, practical work with clear suggestions, small steps you can take at once, and effective methods for managing your stress and anxiety, getting them out of the way so you can achieve the life you richly deserve.




Do you Need Help Learning to:

 let go

  • Let Go. Giving up control is not the same thing as giving up, and you can give up control without worrying that your life will fall apart.   


  • Trust. Maybe you’ve been betrayed by life and feel you can never trust again. I’ll show you how to find that sense of trust within yourself and how you can build on that rock-solid foundation and learn to trust others again.


  • Access Your Inner Power. We can’t all be weight lifter or Olympic athletes; our bodies may simply not be up to the task. But everyone—young, old, big, small, weak or strong—can have inner power, and that, not muscles like a body builder, is what moves mountains. You’ll learn to harness and feed that inner power.  heart


  • Accept. God has powerful lessons to teach in everything that happens to us, but too many times, people fight these lessons because they believe that they are being punished. Learn how to accept life lessons, even the difficult ones, and your ability to survive and thrive will grow.


  • Appreciate. No matter who you are, you are the lucky recipient of many blessings. Learn to recognize and appreciate all you have, and you will actually be given more.


Power will lead you on a journey that strengthens you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It will help you face the tough days and find better days ahead. And it does all of that with down-to-earth examples and exercises, no yoga mat needed, no chanting required. Power is a practical how-to for anyone trying to cope with our busy, crazy world.


In This Book You Will Learn:



5 Secrets To Gaining Control Over Your Life And How To Use Them  

The 1 Secret To Healing Yourself Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally And Its Not What You Think

 Discover 8 Of My Top Secret Techniques On Learning How To Trust That You Can Make It Through Any Storm Even In Your Darkest Hours

  4 Amazing Ways To Show Appreciation For Things You Have and How To Put Less Focus On What You Don’t Have

 And Much Much More….





Let Avalaura Gaither Beharry, mental health professional, spiritual counselor, life coach and holistic healer, help you take the POWER back into your own life. Life doesn’t have to be something you endure; it should be something you embrace and rejoice in every single day. Invest in Power: Escaping the Fear from Within, and get the life-changing tools you need to quiet your fears and bring everlasting joy to your life.





Here's what some readers had to say...

I am on page 16 of your book. I swear I feel like it is speaking to me directly and clearly and I cannot wait to finish it! Thank you so much for this information. -F.N. 

Yea, your book is on point! I had several  "ah ha moments." As I continue on this spiritual path I know that more things will come to light for me. I really need your assistance in a couple areas in my life. -Eric

I finished your e-book "Power," and it was absolutely awesome!! It was definitely very therapeutic for me as well as proving to be future tool for me with my clients. I am so looking forward to learning from you in the many areas that you teach that I have had no exposure to. I am in recovery from alcohol and drugs, 10 years, but I am striving to get as close as I possibly can to the state of eternal bliss. Thank you so much for taking the time to sincerely respond to me. You have no idea how special that is to me. -C.H.


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