Life Coaching

Wouldn't you like to learn the secret to being self-fulfilled, without having to spend 20+ years on a therapist's couch?

To enjoy your relationships filled with a sense of authenticity and self-confidence, NOW not years from now? You don't have to wish for the "miracle" of a better life to appear, you can experience it now.

As a life coach I can say, dealing effectively with the challenges and issues that face you is easier than you think -- really! I have over 14 years of coaching experience helping clients exactly like you, so you can feel confident that together we can get to the bottom of your current pressure or tension.

Combining my formal education, holistic healing modalities, and intuition -- I've built a proven system that gets you more emotionally in tune … and this makes you look and feel like a hero in your life. You see immediate improvements and begin to shine in your relationships, business and career, without having to struggle through any rigorous or demanding trainings.

My custom, holistic system gently guides you through a complete 180° spin. So you discover why you do what you do (behavior), how that affects others (life challenges), and why understanding is the secret key (self-fulfillment).

Before seeing me you might feel…
  • you're still searching for that important, missing piece and the answers it will bring you
  • you're not living up to your full potential
  • you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • you're ready to stop trying to make things that don’t work... work
  • you're eager to get serious about taking responsibility for living your best life
  • you're ready to leave your mark with a legacy that benefits your family, your community and the world.
  • you're tired of all the conflicting information out there and want a system customized for you

"Since coming to Avalaura's Healing Center I have learned to overcome a variety of obstacles in my life by using her very strategic and thorough techniques. I highly recommend Avalaura to help guide and assist you through your life's trials and struggles. Without Avalaura I don't know how I would have made it through all the hard times and stressful situations I was faced with. Thanks Avalaura you are the best at what you do!" -Ms. Anderson

Why am I so confident my methods can work for you?

I don’t use a cookie cutter process. My responsibility is to engage with you from a place of my intuition so I can tap into your intuition

It's not about what guidance and navigation you don’t have, its about what you have not tuned into. I facilitate a connection with your own truth, power, and enlightenment

I create a sacred space that allows you to create permanent behavior changes that will help you internalize, emotionalize and heal your original painful experiences, negative unprocessed emotions and untrue beliefs.

When you change your beliefs, you change your life.

I challenge you to delve deep into your life…..

Do you want to follow your heart, ignite your brilliance, achieve your greatness, stand fully in your power and give yourself permission to be who you really are in a society telling you you can't have it all?

Do you have a burning desire for something more?

With my intuitive guidance you quickly flip old behaviors into holistic and healthy habits, and start living in passion, with purpose and pleasure.

“Working with Avalaura propelled my emotional and spiritual growth by helping me process the past and release old emotions so that I could move forward with life. I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for true, effective healing!” -E.S

Let’s begin your process of working together in a safe space 1:1 face to face, via phone or online. My approach is friendly, relaxed, and personable. I provide support, guidance, structure, and accountability. I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals and create permanent behavioral change.

READY TO BEGIN? Schedule your 30 minute phone consultation now so we can get to know each other, discuss your options and divise a custom plan that will work specifically for you!

Good Evening Avalaura, Happy New Year Avalaura!I just wanted to thank you for everthing in the past year. You're such an awesome teacher and I wanted to thank you. I look forward to moving to the next level.

Q.S. Washington,DC

“My work with Avalaura has revitalized me! I chose a combination of Reiki and Spiritual Counseling. Situations that used to overwhelm me in the past I can now approach with greater confidence and acceptance. Through my work under her guidance, I have a greater awareness of myself and my feelings. This awareness now gracefully leads me through the joys and challenges in my life.” -M.M., Takoma Park, MD “Hi Avalaura, I just want to thank you again for the Reiki and Spiritual Counseling services. They have literally...changed my life! I truly believe..better yet I KNOW you are doing exactly what the Most High called upon you to do. I hope it doesn't sound weird but you are sometimes in my dreams and you are always performing and teaching your healing works!! Anyone who I think can benefit from your services will be given your website! Many thanks and Blessings to you!” M.A., Wilmington, Delaware

M.A., Wilmington, Delaware

Good Evening Avalaura, I wanted to thank you for you healing hands on Sunday morning. You help me with my breathing during the party. You saved me a trip to the hospital. I look forward to attending some of your workshops. I am truly grateful!!!!!!!!:)

Takoma Park, MD

“Avalaura is a wonderful counselor, mentor and teacher! If you are looking for a higher truth and seeking healing, I would highly suggest studying and learning from Avalaura. Her Reiki training has helped me tremendously on my path and in my work. Avalaura is a spirit being with the gift of healing. Her training with many healing modalities will bring life, health and positive energy back into the Soul of any student or client!”

Tauris O. Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I was blessed to have the honor to do Reiki Training 1 and 2 with Avalaura in 2013. Queen Avalaura is a phenomenal instructor, her training was very informative. I learned about Reiki, the history, the benefits & the importance of this form of healing. Avalaura's Healing Center is very warm, welcoming, peaceful and the perfect place to learn Reiki. Since the training I have had some amazing experiences for myself and others I've given Reiki to. I believe one of the best things I've learned from the Reiki training is Self-healing! It has been a huge help for me on my spiritual and healing journey. I truly thank the Universe for guiding me to experience the amazing benefits of receiving and offering Reiki. I am also truly grateful to have Queen Avalaura be the vessel to teach me! Namaste!”

Aza Ife District Heights, MD

Keynote Speaker | Life Coach | Intutive Consultant