"I have the craziest dreams and I never understood what they meant until now. I tried the dream books and Google, but the interpretations never made sense. Avalaura you are seriously a LIFE savor! Less than a month after you interpreted my dreams, everything you said would happen actually happened. It was so surreal, but thanks to you I was prepared. I will be talking to you again very soon! " -Tanya B.

Dream Interpretation

conducted by Avalaura can help you to discover more about yourEnergy of the Soul dreams and their significance in your life. Your dreams no longer have to remain a mystery to you!

Dreams are extremely important;

they represent a direct communication from God. Significant occurrences that take place in your life, whether good or bad are communicated to you through your dreams

When you understand the meaning of your dreams, you have more clarity, are better able to make decisions and have a greater understanding of your life.

A professional, personal dream interpretation from Avalaura will explain the significant dream symbols, themes, and messages in your dreams to assist you.

Before you submit your dream make sure that you:

  • Describe your dream exactly as you remember it (do not include your thoughts or feelings only the events as they occurred).
  • Include all symbols, colors, and the most important activities in the dream.
  • Tell me about yourself- your race/nationality, sex, age, occupation and anything else you think is relevant and will assist in the dream interpretation.


The Online Personal Dream Analysis is only $77. A detailed dream analysis includes unlimited email questions pertaining to the dream at no additional charge. Answer the above questions and submit them via email


The One one One Dream Analysis via Phone directly with Avalaura is only $277. During this 45-minute phone call, you can have as many dreams interpreted as time allows. This is the ideal option if you want to begin to learn how to interpret dreams, desire a more detailed understanding or have multiple dreams to interpret. Answer the above questions and submit them via email.


Want the keys to interpreting your dreams yourself? Order Avalaura's one of a kind; The Spiritual Art of Dream Interpretation: 3 Hidden Secrets to Interpreting your Dreams the Right Way. This 3 Week Course is available to download and listen at your convenience here!

Once payment is submitted, email all inquiries to avalaura@avalaura.com. Include subject heading as Dream Interpretation for immediate attention.

You will receive a response within 3 Business Days.



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